Sponsor WRDL

WRDL accepts donations in exchange for on-air underwriting. WRDL also offers web advertising, on-campus services, and on-air mentions. With budgets in mind, WRDL offers several affordable underwriting packages, fit to accommodate whatever potential needs a business may have.  The WRDL underwriting brochure is available to all businesses upon request.

WRDL also provides creative giveaways for businesses looking to trade gift cards, gift certificates, t-shirts, etc. These giveaways can be performed through various on-air promotions for The Early Bird’s Word, AU Sports, afternoon drive, evening drive time, or other times at the discretion of the business.

For more information about on-air promotions, general questions, music submissions, or becoming a WRDL business partner, please contact WRDL General Manager Derek Wood at (419) 289-5137 or by email at dwood12@ashland.edu.